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November 2021


Dental Implants previously had not been so common with very few people going for it.  Additionally, there were plenty of caveats associated with dental implants with them not being suggested for people who were diabetic or had weak and brittle bones.  However, Implant Dentistry has reached new levels over the last decade with dental implants […]

A sparkling, bright smile just enhances facial aesthetics. This said, losing a tooth or two can therefore be painful as well distressing as they may tend to make you look unhealthy and old. But worry not. Missing tooth or teeth are a thing of past now. Thanks to dental implants. A tooth implant, popularly called […]

Dental avulsion is the complete displacement of the tooth from the socket. Many children have their teeth avulsed due to trauma (like falling on the ground while playing or riding bicycle or during sports activities). In these instances, certain precautions should be taken by the parents or the attendants before visiting a dentist. Firstly, try […]