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November 2021

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Dental avulsion is the complete displacement of the tooth from the socket. Many children have their teeth avulsed due to trauma (like falling on the ground while playing or riding bicycle or during sports activities). In these instances, certain precautions should be taken by the parents or the attendants before visiting a dentist. Firstly, try […]

Did you know that you can correct your bad bite (malocclusion), misaligned teeth or incorrect spacing between teeth and work on your smile, without anyone noticing it? Yes, that’s true, it’s made possible with Invisible braces! Typically braces are recommended for children and teenagers to correct orthodontic problems (crooked, misaligned or mal-positioned teeth and malocclusions […]

Dental Tourism in India is increasingly emerging as the destination of choice for a wide range of dental treatments. Receiving dental treatment in India, means enjoying the advantages of world class treatment at affordable cost with uncompromised quality. You can have access to the latest dental technologies compliant with international quality and standards. Additionally, there is […]