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8 Things you should know before you get Dental Implants

“People who suffer from missing teeth are at present considering a tooth implant as a viable option instead of going for temporary fixtures that include dentures and fixtures.

And if you are among those, looking forward for this kind of procedure done for a tooth, here are 8 important things that you must know about dental implants.If you have a dental implant, it feels the same as having your own tooth
Dental implant restoration may look like the natural tooth because it easily fuses into your jawbone. As compared to dentures, the dental implants are preferred as they help you chew your food better. It also provides better strength to bite into food with no change in taste or sense of smell.

Provides the freedom and confidence for doing things
As per Dr. Vikas Gowd, Oral Maxillofacial Prosthodontics and Implantology, when you get your restoration done, it gives you the confidence of doing things that you love, like going for a swim or bite into a fruit, without worrying about it coming off. With dentures, you always have the worry of them falling out. When you have a fixed dental implant you can enjoy the confidence of laughing with friends and family without feeling self-conscious about your teeth. The dental implants also would look very similar to your natural teeth.

Computer guided implants are less painful
Patients who undergo Computer guided dental implants do not have to go through painful process. They help the patients avoid the pain that is generally associated with the implant. In the process, the dentist places the implant by using a keyhole surgery technique avoiding large incision and stitches. And as compared to traditional implant surgery, healing is far better as the surgery site is smaller.

Dental implants have a high success rate
Although the success rate of dental implant depends on the dental health of individuals, but as per Dr. Kirti Gowd, Oral & Maxillofacial Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, dental implants have a success rate of upto 95%. And it stands a greater implant success rate when it is carried out by a dental specialist.

Implants can help you protect your healthy teeth
Whenever you lost a tooth, one of the most used teeth replacement option was to have a dental bridge. And quite often, this would involve cutting of some parts of adjacent healthy teeth so that there is a proper balance of dental bridge. But with dental implants, a crown or a bridge on the dental implant can be easily positioned. And the other teeth also do not need to suffer due to the plight of one tooth.

Low maintenance
As per Dr. Vikas Gowd, Dental Implatologist in Hyderabad there is no need for you to allocate a special time for caring for your dental implants. And there is no need for a special regime to maintain the same. As it is more like the natural teeth, all you have to do is stick to your regular dental care regime like brushing your teeth every day.

Cost Effective
In the majority of cases, dental implants are the best option for replacement of a single or two teeth. Dental implants also have the tendency to last for a very long time and this particular thing makes it a much effective procedure you can trust.

Brings in lost confidence
Sometimes when you lose your tooth, it can impair your self-confidence and also can leave you more conscious to even smile. But when get yourself dental implants you can regain your confidence and also it will improve your overall life


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