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A good laugh is the best cure in a dentist’s book. And to make that smile happen for his/her patient, it takes a lot on the the dentist /dental clinic’s part to win the confidence of the patient on several factors. Similarly a patient’s conviction on the dentist to deliver per his/ her preference, matters equally.

Since a lot of us still do not visit a dentist for regular checkups or rarely visit when there is a problem, one may not be sure on what features to look for while searching for the right dental clinic. To help you find the best dental clinics in Hyderabad, here are some important features you must look for, to ensure you have a safe and the right treatment.

The Clinic’s Reputation

Check the reputation of the clinic, such as Dr. Gowds. This clinic that is recommended by many patients in that area are usually excellent options. Find some google reviews and testimonials that talk about their dental treatment experience about the clinic on their website or on the net. Dr. Gowds is a reputed name in the market for positive dental experience by nearly all the patients who were treated at Dr. Gowds Dental Hospitals, in Hyderabad and Secunderabad regions.

Expertise and Experience

The experience and specializations of dentists are one of the key aspects for successful treatment outcomes. Look for information about dentist’s education, experience and professional specializations. If you are looking for cosmetic or implant services, ensure that the clinic has dental professionals are qualified and have the niche specialization to treat patients in that area of specialization. Dr. Gowds is a renowned name in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, orthodontics, Root Canal Treatments, including Wisdom Tooth Extractions. Nearly every patient who visits Dr. Gowds leaves the clinic with a happy smile.
Visit the preferred clinic’s website and look for dentist profiles/biographies, or call the clinic and enquire about the background of the oral health professionals working there.
The Dental Facility and Ambience

It’s a great idea to visit the facility when choosing your dentist. Make sure that dental clinic features a clean, comfortable, relaxing and a friendly environment that you will observe in any of the Dr. Gowds Dental Hospitals in the city.

Try to get information about the equipment, the advanced technologies used and the amenities available at the dental clinic. Dr. Gowds is well equipped with latest technologies like CAD /CAM, Nobel Biocare dental implant solutions, CEREC1 Crowns, etc. This clinic is known for simplifying complex procedures with their adept dental skills and technologies used. Therefore it’s important to choose a clinic that uses state-of-the-art dental equipment, the amenities and dental expertise at the same destination – a one-stop-place for all dental solutions and for the entire family.

Patient Care

Customer service and attitude of the staff as well as dentists play an important part of the whole experience for the patient. A polite, friendly demeanor of the customer support team and the dentists is an equally important aspect of patient care. Dr. Gowds puts patient care at the center of treatment.

Visit the clinic to check for yourself on how patients are being treated or talk to the clinic’s customer service or any staff member. It also helps to talk to some patients as well to understand their views on the customer care.

Patients of Dr. Gowds vouch for their excellent patient support. They have hundreds of patients for 5 decades, that still continue with the same hospital for their dental solutions.

Personalized care and understanding the specific needs and preferences of a patient and fulfilling them, goes a long way in winning the patient’s confidence as with Dr. Gowds dentists and their hospitals.
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