Dental avulsion is the complete displacement of the tooth from the socket. Many children have their teeth avulsed due to trauma (like falling on the ground while playing or riding bicycle or during sports activities). In these instances, certain precautions should be taken by the parents or the attendants before visiting a dentist. Firstly, try placing the tooth back into its position gently if possible. Avoid touching the root. Hold the white part of the tooth that is the crown. If re implantation is not possible, the tooth should be carried in a special medium to preserve the vitality of the tooth. Hanks solution (save a tooth, phoenix is the best medium for tooth preservation. Preserving the tooth in milk, saliva or saline should be done if hanks solution is not available. Most importantly , it should be remembered that the avulsed tooth should be taken to the dentist within 20 min. The tooth will be very difficult to save if it is outside the mouth for more than 60 min.