Common Mistakes while brushing and Cleaning

Most people though brush everyday still are n0t aware of the right way to brush. 

1. The longer you brush does not mean it makes your teeth whiter or cleaner.  Longer brushing and hard brushing could make your tooth enamel wear off and make them more sensitive

2. Cleaning your tongue is as important as brushing. Bacteria in plaque stuck on your tongue could be responsible for bad breath and could lead to a lot of infections

3. Brushing should be done in vertical motion and not in a horizontal motion

4. Reaching the last tooth or wisdom tooth while brushing could be a problem, especially when you open the mouth, since the coronoid bone of the lower jaw comes and interferes when your mouth is open and makes it difficult for you to fit the brush. keeping the mouth closed or slightly open and pushing your cheek with the brush to reach that side of the wisdom tooth or last tooth will solve the problem.

Choosing the right brush specially for women with smaller mouths will also help, may be a small head , bendable neck shortened bristles could all be of help. Since no 2 people have the same mouths, trying out different brushed to see which suits you best could be a good option

5. Flossing equally important.  Cleaning between the teeth is not possible by regular brushing. Hence a thin nylon thread is used to clean between the teeth

6. Mouth wash or Mints are not a solution for bad breath:Bad breath is caused by infections and bacteria in the mouth, hence dental check up is of utmost importance, where in your dentist diagnose gum problem [ most common cause] or cavities and treats them


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