Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry

There is no doubt that a happy, genuine smile can be the most attractive feature on any face. Some professions, however, require a smile that is not only genuine but also aesthetically and symmetrically “perfect”. It is interesting to note that often the perfect smiles we see on the faces of our on-screen idols are in fact not an act of god, but that of a really good dentist!

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Smile Designing

Thanks to modern technology, dentists can now make cosmetic changes to a person’s smile that can take away certain unsightly aspects of a smile, like an extra gummy smile, or extremely yellow teeth. This procedure can also be used for pure cosmetic reasons, where a person wants to take an otherwise regular smile and convert it into a cosmetically “perfect” one. The term “smile designing” literally mean redesigning a person’s smile. This involves shaping and modifying the hard (teeth) and soft tissues (like gums and lips) in the oral area to enhance a person’s smile. This is exactly what cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry covers.

Common Aesthetic Design Procedures

The various procedures undertaken by aesthetic dentists to correct or perfect smile are

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1. Gap closure with bonding

2. Smile designing and Gap closure with veneers

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3. Gap closure with Emax crowns

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4. Smile designing for Irregular teeth correction with Emax crowns

5. Tooth Whitening

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6. Tooth discoloration and flurosis treated with ceramic laminate veneers

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7. Gum discoloration treated with lasers

8. Fractured tooth treated with bondingpr cosmetic filling

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9. Tooth discoloration and flurosis treated with ceramic laminate veneers

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