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Do’s & Don’ts of Tooth Pain

Pain is the first symptom associated with any kind of tooth problem. The reason may be caries, trauma or pulpitis. The patient should be alarmed when he experiences pain in his tooth. A dentist should be visited without delay to prevent the spread of infection from the local tooth region to other areas of the face and neck. Things to be done are: 1.Over the counter pain killers can be taken until u visit ur dentist. 2.Oral rinsing with salt water twice or thrice daily 3.Getting blood tests done if patient is diabetic. The things to be avoided are 1.Applying cloth soaked in hot water (hot fomentation) on the face 2.Placing zinda tilismat or amruthanjan or any other material in the decayed tooth. These act as counter irritants and will aggravate the present condition and help the bacteria to multiply and will spread the infection to the facial spaces which can be life threatening. Never ignore a tooth pain. Early diagnosis can save a tooth.


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