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Dental Implants Hyderabad: Dental Implants previously had not been so common with very few people going for it.  Additionally, there were plenty of caveats associated with dental implants with them not being suggested for people who were diabetic or had weak and brittle bones.  However, Implant Dentistry has reached new levels over the last decade with dental implants becoming more affordable with the role of advanced technology in Implant Dentistry being pivotal leading more and more people to go for a Dental Implant if they have a missing tooth.

Dr. Vikas Goud had utilized these technological advancements in Implant Dentistry to its maximum providing minimally invasive implant treatments to his patients with exceptional success.  Working alongside his in- house Dental Implant Specialist, Dr. Vikas Goud is thoroughly capable of providing all phases of dental implant treatment beginning from surgery to final stage to give natural looking teeth.
“I believe that having a dental specialist trained in implants and a general dentist working on an implant case gives the best of both worlds.”

Expertise and Knowledge in Implant Dentistry

Dr. Vikas Goud is exceptionally skilled and highly trained in Implant Dentistry.  His successful placement of thousands of implants throughout his career speaks volumes of his vast experience in the field of Implant Dentistry.  Dr. Vikas Goud has also been involved with training of many dental specialists in implant placement and other dental procedures.  He has also been a speaker at various international conferences has also trained hundreds of other specialists and general dentists in implant placement.

For each implant surgery, there is meticulous planning involved with all the doctors sitting together and planning on the planned procedure, coordinating on making sure that the implants are accurately and correctly positioned, and that the correct materials are used for the concerned procedure..

3D Technology Used for Making Procedure Minimally Invasive

Once a surgery is scheduled, the team of doctors utilizes 3D imaging system to plan the proposed procedure well ahead of time.  The 3D imaging system is helpful in providing the doctors three dimensional mages of the jaw and teeth giving them a 260 degree view of the structure.  They then use 3D CT scanner and capture images. Dr. Vikas Goud believes that “The contribution of 3D Technology is invaluable.” “It allows us to see exactly where all the structures are, in order to precisely plan the implant placement.”

He adds, “We can create a surgical guide that places the implant in the right position and at the correct angle. This eliminates much of the cutting and the suturing traditionally connected with dental implant surgery.”

Surgery Possible Even if There is Not Enough Bone

Bone loss in the jaw occurs when teeth have been missing for a prolonged period of time or due to a condition called periodontitis.  For a dental implant to be completely successful, it is essential that there is sufficient amount of bone available.  This is where the 3D images assist the doctors in identifying locations in the jaw, based on bone density and volume, where to place the implant. This nullifies the need for bone grafting which is yet another complex procedure.

Bone Grafting, however, may be in some cases necessary and for this the surgeon applies special growth factors which he centrifuges from drops of the patients own blood. This hastens creation of new bone and makes the dental implant stable. The doctor can also perform a “sinus lift” which is done when the sinus cavity expands to the extent that here is not enough bone available for the implant.  This procedure uses bone grafting material to add bone to the upper back jaw.

Natural Looking Beautiful Teeth

After the dental implant procedure, what patients want first is to have a look at the end result of the procedure which is the new tooth.  In addition to the implant what Dr. Vikas Goud does is attach a crown, a dental bridge, or a denture to the implant.  He says, “A few implants can support an entire arch of teeth made into a denture or bridge.” “This is far more economical than using an implant for every tooth”.

Dr. Vikas Goud creates crowns, dentures, and bridges which are natural in appearance and are extremely durable.  For all these devices, he uses highest quality material, including ceramic zirconia, which makes them strong without any requirement of any metal.

Benefits of Dental Implants

It is the opinion of majority of the dentists that dental implant is the way to go to replace missing teeth.  This procedure is preferred over dental bridges for single tooth replacement and dentures for multiple tooth replacement.  There are a variety of benefits of dental implants to include:

  1. The biggest benefit of a dental implant is that it is the closest to how natural teeth look in appearance. The difference between the two is barely noticeable.
  2. They are extremely strong and durable and last for changes with minimal maintenance required.
  3. It allows the person to talk, chew, and exert pressure similar to the natural teeth
  4. They do not require the shape or grind of the adjacent natural healthy teeth as is required with dental bridges
  5. Dentures give 10% of normal chewing power whereas a dental implant provides power which is as equal to a natural healthy teeth.
  6. A loss of tooth results in the bone at the site of the tooth to get shrunk. A dental Implant prevents this and preserves the bone. Dentures on the other hand cause progressive bone loss. Due to continuous loss of bone, dentures over time lose their fit. If that is not enough, the lower face starts to collapse in on itself due to loss of bone and excess muscle tension resulting in formation of deep wrinkles and folds.

What Constitutes a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium. It is placed in the jaw bone and a crown, dental bridge, or a denture is attached. Dr. Vikas Goud is an expert in replacing missing tooth or teeth using individual implants and implant supported dentures. For full teeth replacement using implants, the most economical option is Snap-In implant supported dentures.

Loose Dentures?

Now it is possible to get rid of any loose dentures by using implant supported dentures from Dr. Vikas Goud.  The stability of the existing dentures can be increased significantly by using dental implants.  There are two varieties namely Snap-In Dentures and Fixed-In Dentures.  Both these varieties provide normal chewing and biting power and negate the chances of a loose denture and the discomfort associated with it.  It also prevents bone loss that is common with missing teeth.

There are many drawbacks associated with dentures when compared to dental implants of which the most common is the chewing and biting power which is not more than 10% of normal and the bones loss.  This is the reason why most dentures lose their fitting with time and need to be replaced.

This is mostly seen with the lower dentures, as Dr. Vikas Goud says “It is almost impossible to keep a lower denture stable without some implants to support it“ The suction from the palate of an upper denture helps keep the upper denture stable; however, with an implant supported denture the upper palate can be done away with. He adds, “Patients enjoy being able to taste fully and not have the false palate on the roof of their mouth.”

Snap-In Dentures:

To create Snap-In dentures, Dr. Vikas Goud places four to six implants in each arch which snap into the patients existing dentures or newly created dentures. This is the most economical option for patients. Four implants can be sufficient, but Dr. Vikas Goud prefers up to six because of the additional stability and security the extra implants provide. He says, “The extra implants also guarantee greater chewing and biting power which is approximately 90% of normal. This means the patient can eat just about anything he or she so chooses.”

Fixed In Dentures

To return their dentition to an almost natural state patients at times opt to have Fixed-In implant supported dentures. Dr. Vikas Goud says, “Although we call them dentures, at this point, the new teeth are really not dentures, as they are not removable. They are usually made from denture material, without any top palate but they can also be made from ceramic zirconia.”

Patients who have been wearing dentures for an extended time would normally need bone grafting to be able to support the implants for Fixed-In dentures, but they can also take advantage of a breakthrough procedure called “All-on-four.” “With All-on-Four, patients do not require bone grafting. We use the best available bone and place special long implants at an angle to provide the support required” mentions D. Vikas Goud.

Connect for Free Consultation

Dr. Vikas Goud provides free consultation and answers any queries for people who wear dentures or people with broken teeth who are contemplating dentures.  He provides the best advice about the various treatment options available that best suit the patient.

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Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | Minimally Invasive Dental Implants
Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | Minimally Invasive Dental Implants
Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | Minimally Invasive Dental Implants

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