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our offer

our offer


Dr. Gowds dental have been pioneer in getting dental implant technology to our state. One of the first dental implants were placed in Dr.Gowd’s dental hospitals way back in 1989 _ 1990.

The Implants survived 29 years for the whole of the patients life. The 1st immediate implant loading workshop was conducted by Dr. Vikas Gowd and team at apollo hospitals. With more than 10000 Implants placed in our office over the last few decades Dr. Vikas Gowd our lead implant specialist and trainer has been pioneer in some advanced implant technologies. He’s also got a few patents under review for immediate Extraction immediate implant loading. He’s well recognized globally for his advanced implant training and works.

He was refered cases where other dentist are unable to perform due to difficult bone situations.
He’s also founder president and director of school of dental implants.

Cosmetic / Smile Designing

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry involving improving your smile with some proven smile design principles and some advanced technology and techniques to make your smile more beautiful is our motto.
If you are embarrassed to smile because your teeth are chipped or beginning to wear. If your teeth are discoloured or there are gaps between teeth. If the teeth are having irregularities or shape in not suiting the face. Smile designing using Cosmetic dentistry is the answer.

Using advanced procedures like

  1. Advanced Tooth Whitening
  2. Ceramic laminate veneers
  3. All ceramic crowns
    Most of these Cosmetic problems can be corrected to give a beautiful smile.
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Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces or Invisible Aligners are thin plastic trays that are placed onto your teeth to help in aligning or correction of minor irregularities or overlaps and gaps. Sometimes even major cases are also been recommended in these aligners.

These being removable and Invisible are extremely comfortable for the patient. The biggest advantage is no one will know that treatment is being done to you. It’s doesn’t hinder and social functions or events , even people who face the camera everyday can get this treatment done without being scared that it would be visible on camera.

Consult our in-house orthodontist Dr. Kirti Gowd for your smile alignment. She’s been trained in various Invisible Braces or aligners solutions.
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Most of the time if pain to a tooth meant it’s the last stage and needed removal of a tooth.

However, with advances in technology we are able to save even badly broken down and decayed teeth with root canal treatment. Our in-house endodontist ensure that these procedures can be done as painlessly as possible in a very short period of time. Today most root canals are being treated in a single sitting, thanks to advanced technologies like one step obturate and rotary endodontics. Digital x-rays give us micromillimeter accuracy. Dr. Gowd’s boasts itself of helping patients go pain-free after their root canals. Each root canal treated tooth needs a crown or cap to ensure the longevity of the root canal and rebuild the broken tooth structure. Dr. Vikas Gowd and team have been doing extensive work to keep making good quality premium crowns for all root canal treated teeth.

Root canals may also be advised to fracture tooth, Teeth with gum infections and also sometimes teeth need cosmetic reshaping where the inside toot canal maybe affected….

Inhouse CADCAM lab - single day crowns

At Dr. Gowd’s, we provide Zirconia crowns and bridges that are increasingly becoming popular for its durability and for its ability to retain the natural look, because of its translucent nature.