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Replacement of All Teeth on the Same Day

Replacement of All Teeth on the Same Day
Tired of bulky, unstable dentures (that often shift or slip out of its position), or difficulty in eating the foods you like? Looking for an alternative solution to dentures that is functional, durable, appealing and comfortable? All-on-4, which is the state-of-the-art implant system, is an immediate solution for complete (lower or upper) tooth replacement, that is very close to natural teeth.

With just four dental implants per arch, a full set of non-removable replacement teeth (upper or lower jaw) can be placed that function like natural teeth, yet are fast and minimally invasive. This means you have a new set of functioning teeth in just one day without having to use dentures.

How Dental Implants are an Effective Replacement for Dentures
With All-on-4, your chewing power will be about 80 percent normal, unlike dentures, with a mere chewing power of 10 percent. To most patients this means they can eat whatever they want and expect a natural-looking attractive smile. This can be life-changing which will enhance your life to a great extent, in terms of being able to eat all the nutritious food, improving your self-esteem and confidence, that will improve your lifestyle.

This process is the most cost-effective strategy for implant-supported tooth replacement and also the most efficient way to replace all the teeth. If you are considering individual implants to replace each tooth, it can be most impractical, inefficient, highly expensive and is therefore not recommended.
For the edentulous (completely toothless), dental implants have transformed their lives by giving them a solution that is more comfortable, secure and reliable than removable dentures. With loss of teeth, the loss of jawbone is inevitable, but with dental implants, the loss of jawbone density is well prevented. Dental implants help to stabilize and stimulate the bone around them while maintaining bone dimension and strength. Removable dentures fail to prevent bone loss, on the contrary wearing dentures actually speeds up bone loss.

Set up an Appointment
Meet with our dental implant specialist or the general dentist, at Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals, to discuss your dental health goals. Our dentist will review your dental and medical history and do an oral exam. We’ll also do a 3D scan of your jaw, teeth and gums using our state-of-the-art, Cone Beam CT Scan Technology (3D imaging system in dentistry) which was first introduced by Dr. Vikas Gowd.

With the help of a CT scanner we can see your jaws in full 360º view, which will help us evaluate your dental health and provide an appropriate treatment plan. Dr. Gowd’s advanced technology and expertise of dentists with 50 years of experience in dentistry, have helped us win many a patients’ hearts and trust in our services. Need a solution for your missing teeth or any other dental problems, Call 8886664790 / 040-2332-6777 to set up appointment.


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