Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | Prof.Dr. Vikas Gowd

Prof.Dr. Vikas Gowd

Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | Prof.Dr. Vikas Gowd
Oral Maxillofacial Prosthodontics and Implantology

Prof.Dr. Vikas Gowd

Dr. Vikas Gowd is a specialist in Dental Implantology, Prosthodontics, Aesthetic Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery. His ever ending passion for dentistry has made him an achiever and an unparalleled contributor to dentistry on various fronts. He is the first EDA (European Dental Association) Expert from India. Dr. Vikas Gowd is the President of the Association of Implantologists in Hyderabad, which has a strong interest in cooperating with BDIZ EDI. Recently in the year 2018, he was appointed as Director of Oral Implantology, Genova University.
This passion has been a driver to achieve many firsts in his career, from innovations in dental technologies to exceptional treatment services in implantology, putting him on par with one of the best in the industry. Dr. Vikas Gowd has undergone training in U.S.A., Switzerland & Germany in surgical and prosthodontic phases in dental implants, advanced bone grafting procedures & tissue regeneration around implants. A further specialization in Prosthodontics helped patients who lost teeth in accidents, with full or partial replacement of teeth and offer matching material with maxilla facial prosthetics in case of loss of a part of jaw (from burns, injury or cancer). He is a Member and Fellow of International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Dr. Vikas Gowd is actively pursuing stem-cell banking, a recent revolutionary treatment not only in dentistry but also in other medical fields. This makes possible, removal of stem cell from milk teeth of a person and make natural teeth from the stem cell. Even as the research is not complete, Dr. Gowd’s visionary zeal has made him prepare for the future.

Firsts in the Industry– From being the first Indian to be conferred as Expert Implantologist by (EDA) European Dental Association, to being the first to place Immediate Dental Implants in the State of Andhra Pradesh, and being the first to have conducted clinical study of bone regeneration from stem cells Dr. Vikas Gowd has achieved several first to his credit. This also includes bringing CAD/CAM Technology to Dentistry, to being the first to place Immediate Dental Implants in the State of Andhra Pradesh and much more.

Experience: A former professor and HOD of Prosthodontics for six years since 2006, Dr. Vikas Gowd has achieved several milestones over the years. Today he is the Managing Director – Dental Venue Multi-specialty hospital, Managing Partner – Tooth Simulations lab (International Dental IDL Lab) and Director, School of Dental Implants.
Best paper presentation at ISOI Conference (2011) Bone manipulation in the maxillary anterior region.

Implant Prosthodontics – A Paradigm Shift at workshop on Defining Immediate Implant Loading – January 2003.

Patient and Practice Management at Humnabad, August, 2003, IDA, Bidar Branch – CD – Program.

Evaluation of Properties of an Indigenous prepared Porcelain etchant at International Dental Conference, January, 2000, Delhi

Comparative SEM study of Etch pattern on Low Fusion Porcelain with indigenously prepared 10% HF Gel and a commercially available etchant, 27th Indian Prosthodontic Conference 1999 at Chennai in December 1999.

Specialized Radiography in Prosthodontics , AB Shetty Alumni, August 1999.
Diverse Contributions: As diverse as authoring a Telugu book titled Chiru Navvu (Smile) for public awareness, to being the Founder, Member and Director of ‘School of Dental Implants’ (runs certified courses affiliated to international organizations), his humbling contribution to the society has been is worth mentioning. He runs a charitable hospital (in collaboration with Red Cross). Dr Gowd’s hospitals has also adopted blind schools and orphanages for dental services, besides treating poor patients at free of cost. Ever a constant learner, Dr. Vikas Gowd believes that he has miles of smiles to go before his desire to creating millions of smiles globally, can become true.

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