Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | Total Dental Implants guide
Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | Total Dental Implants guide

Total Dental Implants guide

A sparkling, bright smile just enhances facial aesthetics. This said, losing a tooth or two can therefore be painful as well distressing as they may tend to make you look unhealthy and old. But worry not. Missing tooth or teeth are a thing of past now. Thanks to dental implants.
A tooth implant, popularly called dental implant, is an effective and permanent solution to your missing teeth.
“Known to be the optimal treatment to replace missing, damaged or weak teeth, dental implants fill gaps in your teeth, improve the stability of the mouth and help in maintaining long lasting smile”.

The Missing Tooth Alternative

Dental implants are basically anchors that get placed surgically in the jaw. Titanium and few other materials are used to make this anchor and are considered to be safe for body. An enduring option for restoring that healthy smile, dental implants treatment is quite an effective option for missing tooth replacement.

Typically, the dental implants turn out to be safe and successful. If the placement procedure is performed properly by an experienced and trained dentist, the success rate of the teeth implant surgery tends to be as high as 98%. And due to the very nature of the procedure, there are series of steps that one should consider before going for a dental implant.

If you are considering a dental implant but don’t know how to go about the procedure, here is a guide for you:

The procedure:

The first step for the dental implant procedure is to look for a trained, qualified and experienced Oral Implantologist. Dr. Vikas Gowd, a dental implant expert is one of the best dentists in Hyderabad. Director of Oral Implantology, Genova University, Dr. Vikas Gowd, a specialist in Dental Implantology, who has constantly been using advanced technologies in dental implantology and prosthodontics to make the treatments more convenient, safer. He is also an expert in same day dental implants or one day dental implants for those who have time constraint.

The dental implant procedure involves crown called artificial tooth called which is placed on the extension of the dental implant and then drilled into the jawbone beneath the gums.

Dental implants cost:

For the dental implant treatments, no two patients can have similar dental implant, hence the procedure and cost of the implant may vary from person to person and city to city.

On an average, the dental implant prices in India may range from Rs.20, 000 ($285) to Rs.40, 000 ($570). A tooth implant with crown would cost somewhere between Rs.3, 000 ($42) and Rs.10, 000 ($142) and all-on-4 implant cost or full dental implant cost may go up accordingly.

Any dentist can offer implants, but a credential implant dentist like Dr. Vikas Gowd with his verified experience will provide you the best approach for you that will minimize your cost both upfront and in the long term.

Various benefits of Dental Implants

Cost Effective: Although other teeth replacement options come with lower upfront cost, one may need to pay the cost again and again turning them expensive as compared to dental implants.

Long lasting:  Dental implant treatment is much favorable when compared to other tooth replacement options as it lasts an entire lifetime. With the correct care, dental implants can last more than 15 years.

Feel and comfort: Dental implants give you the look and feel like your original teeth. They tend to become permanent as they are designed to fuse with the bone.

Improved speech: The dentures can sometimes be poor fitting and your teeth can slip with your mouth causing discomfort while speaking. With the help of dental implants you can speak without the worry.

Quite versatile: Dental implants can be performed to replace one tooth or even whole set of teeth and that too in many positions in the mouth.

Helps in normal eating: Once your treatment is over, you can eat foods you would like to as you do with normal teeth.

Not to mention the decreased risk of tooth erosion and decay.

Above all, dental implants get you back your sparkling and healthy SMILE.

Maintaining dental implants is critical so that you get the maximum value and results in the long run. The following do’s and don’ts need to be considered after your dental implant procedure:


  • Give time to heal after the surgery. Although healing time for each person varies, you may be advised to be a little careful in the first week and practice good oral hygiene.
  • Eat well and carefully.
  • You should avoid food that will put more pressure on your new implants and will cause more pain and take long healing time.


  • Don’t be in a hurry to return to your normal routine.
  • Don’t rush to eat foods that you used to do previously.
  • You should also avoid chewing tobacco or smoking.
  • See that you don’t over brush your tooth before going to bed.


The first thing dentist would do is to check for the correct positioning of the tooth, if the tooth has been reinserted before coming to the doctor. “In the young boy’s scenario, since he had got two knocked-out teeth and that he had got the teeth, they were immobilized with splinting: a procedure where the tooth/teeth are stuck to adjacent teeth with wires and tooth color filling material. Splinting temporarily attaches the tooth to keep it intact,” says Dr. Vikas.

The important thing after the procedure which needs to be ensured is that once the tooth is put back into the socket, it should not be moved. So to avoid that situation and accelerate the recovery, we immobilize the tooth.

After the splinting, it is then to be seen if the tooth is being accepted by the body. In 2-3 weeks of time, if the teeth become rigid, it would mean that the body has accepted the change.

“Once the teeth become rigid, we remove the splint. Normally it takes 3-4 weeks but in some case, it may take a bit longer as well,” Dr. Vikas says.

Thereafter, the dentist checks for the vitality of the teeth and thereafter suggest a root canal surgery accordingly, which is common in such sports-related dental injuries.

“Typically, the tooth becomes like a normal tooth in terms of functioning and we also tend to crown the teeth as in the young boy’s case as there was also a fracture in the teeth,” he adds.

The best part is that the success rate in such scenarios has been as high as 90%.

“Young patients (who had got their knocked-out teeth back) and their parents keep coming back to us even after 10-15 years expressing their surprise and thanks to that we kind of got them their teeth back,” Dr. Vikas says.

But there also may come a time in over 10-15 years that sometimes the tooth starts getting dissolved from inside that hinting that the body is starting to reject the tooth and then an alternative has to be looked into.

But the success rate has been higher in most of the cases and the teeth have stayed for like 10-15 years and sometimes longer.

Please note…

If you cannot find your knocked-out tooth or you have broken your tooth in fragments, it is still essential to have the patient see the dentist as soon as possible.

As long as the above-listed instructions are followed and taken care of, one can experience recovery within 3-4 weeks. Losing a tooth might be painful and if it happens, rush to Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospital for an emergency.


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Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | Total Dental Implants guide
Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | Total Dental Implants guide
Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | Total Dental Implants guide

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