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Who is the Best Dental Implant Expert in Hyderabad?

A dental treatment or visiting a dentist is often perceived with apprehension or anxiety by most people. However, the patients of Dr. Vikas Gowd, Oral Maxillofacial Prosthodontics and Implantology, have a different story to tell about their treatment experience with him.

Almost all his patients feel absolutely comfortable and confident about the treatment quality and success rate. (Dental implant success at near 98 percent).
“So, what makes Dr. Vikas Gowd different from the rest? Here are some factors that point to the excellent dental implant expert that he is:”


He’s a name known for his exceptional patient care and professional integrity with gentle and adept hands that treat the worst of dental problems with ease. Dr. Vikas Gowd at Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospital is one of the Best Dental Implantologists known in Hyderabad.

He is empathetic to every patient’s fears and concerns about their dental treatment and most of all, he has a sure solution for any dental problem including, missing teeth or loose dentures. His primary goal is to help people live their lives fully with healthy smiles. Healthy teeth contribute to healthy smiles and lives.


Ashok from Illinois, Chicago, USA (who received dental implants and root canal treatment) says, “Implants of lower jaw and upper jaw and root and root canals done super excellent. I thank Dr,M.S.Gowd and Dr. Vikas Gowd for their best performance of the implants. I am very much satisfied and I would recommend to all my friends and relatives.

Clinic is quite equipped with high technology, very hygienic and proffesional service rendered in the short stay of mine. Very Kind and Professional.”

Vinod, USA – I live in NJ,USA and got the contact info from google and the reason I choose this
clinic because Dr. Vikas Goud is an american trained dentist. Initially i was apprehensive at the location but I was surprised to see that the facility was maintained in a professional.

Dr Vikas was professional, skilled, competent, and cool. the entire process of implants which took 2 months and was painless. The entire staff were courteous, and professional.”


A gold medalist in BDS, and a dental Implant specialist, Dr. Vikas Gowd is one of the best dentists in Hyderabad, for his excellence in dentistry. He’s known to have treated patients from “NO” teeth to ‘FULL’ teeth, transforming thousands of lives over the years. From single tooth, to multiple teeth replacement and full-mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Vikas Gowd has fulfilled the dental goals of a million patients to complete satisfaction, transforming their lives.

Dr. Vikas Gowd is constantly working to innovate new technologies, and get adept with latest technologies in implantology and prosthodontics to make treatment for his patients more comfortable and convenient. He has a solution for busy people (with little time to spare), with Same-Day Dental Implants which also reduces the patient discomfort with less-invasive procedures.


Dr. Vikas specializes in Implantology, Prosthodontics, Esthetic Dentistry and Maxillo-Facial Surgery. His multiple awards and credentials speak of his deep interest to take dentistry to the next level.

The credentials of Dr. Vikas Gowd, speak for him, as the best dental implantologist in Hyderabad, which include:

  • Received the Best Paper Presentation Award on Bone Manipulation and Innovative Technologies in Dental Implants.
  • First person to bring CAD/CAM technology to dentistry
  • The first to introduce Cone Beam CT Technology
  • The Founder, Member and Director of School of Dental Implants
  • Managing Director – Tooth Simulations Ceramic Dental Laboratory
  • Managing Director – Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.
  • CMD of Dental Venue Multi Specialty Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.
  • His degrees include: MDS, FICOI, DICOI, FBDZI, FDGOI
  • Received the Arch of Excellence (Medicare) Award in 2002
  • The only Indian to become a Fellow of BDIZ (Prestigious European Society of Oral Implantology and member of German Society of Oral Implantology)
  • Gowd’s team –Recognized by ‘ALL-INDIA-LIFESTYLE-HOSPITAL-CLINIC-RANKING-SURVEY-2017 – Times of India, for being one of the Top 3 Dental Clinics in Hyderabad.

The consistent good press Dr. Gowd’s has been receiving for decades and the innumerable positive patient feedback only speak about his excellence in dental implants and the trust he’s won from patients and peers alike. Have questions about your dental problem or need a tele consultation? Call: +91-8886664790 or 8886664789


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