Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | BAD BITES-Don’t let a bad bite ruin your smile
Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | BAD BITES-Don’t let a bad bite ruin your smile

BAD BITES-Don’t let a bad bite ruin your smile

The teeth and bonje structure form the foundation of the mouth and its surrounding tissues. When this framework isn’t aligned, a malocclusion (or bad bite) opresults. On the surface, this often appears as littttle more than an esthetic problem, but the ramifications of improperly aligned teeth are more far-reaching. Bad bites can cause problems ranging from headaches to faulty hearing. They also can cause  digestive ee problems that effect over all health, not to mention disposition .

“Many adults, as well as children suffer from bite disorders that affect their physical and social well being. Fortunately modern dentistry offers a variety of ways to treat improperly aligned bites, many of which are imperciptable to others.”

What causes a bad bite?

A bite b ite is typically caused by genetics, for example the teeth may not fit in the jaws properly or the teeth may mot be in the correct relationship with the face. Destructive habits such as lip or nail biting or clenching ND GRINDING TEETH ALSO CAN CAUSE  bad bites. Finally loss of teeth without proper replacement can cause the bite and the face to collapse , resulting in an aged and unattractive appearance

When the teeth are out of alignment the facial muscles may spas, creating mis alignment of the jaw , this can lead to temporo mandibular joint disorders also called tmd, symptoms can include headaches , neck pain , backpains and ear aches . treatment of tmds , depends on the severity of the disorder and ranges from muscle relaxation therapy to orthognathic surgery. No cosmetic procedures shouls be performed until the tmd is corrected.

Is your new bite a badbite ?

Occationally even properly constructions can contribute to bite problems , this typically occurs when a disharmony already exists in the mouth , in such cases any irritation or change even as minor as that caused by crowns or orthodontics can initiate a muscle spas and tmj disturbance. Such problems may be unforeseen by dentist, when noted however they should be corrected quikly. If allowed to persist they can be extremely difficult to repair.

Deep overbite

One of the bite problems that is most detrimental to facial esthetics is the deep overbite which is almost complete overlap of the upper front teeth over the lower front teeth . the edges of the lower teeth may actually bite into the gum tissue of the upper palate.

What is the best treatment?

The treatment of choice for deep overbites is orthodontics , which may be combined with orthognathic surgery depending oon the severity of the problem. Orthodontic treatment may consist of intruding  the anterior teeth erupting the posterior teeth or a combination of both, based on your facial profile and growth potential as well as the extent of the overbite.

Closed biten

Some tooth wear is a natural function of aging . as long as it doesn’t change your bite its not a functional problem . occationally however toothwear causes a closed bite which can be aserious disorder. For example extreme wear of the tootj structure in the back of the mouth can cause partial disintergarton of the lower facial tissue . it can give you an aged appearace as if you have no teeth. This problem can exist even in younge people.


If the closed bite is not too sever the back teeth can often be build up with crowns or onlays which allows the front teeth to be lengthened through bonding , veneers or crowns . however opening the bite through other orthodontic treatment is trypically the best option. Restorative procedures such as bridges , bonding or veneers can be preformed after the orthodontic treatment is complete.


In a normal bite the upper teeth slightly overlap the lower teeth . a cross bite results when the opposite occurs, when the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth . it can occure both in the front and bacj teeth. Whena  cross bite develops in the front teeth one result is protruded chin .


Although full crowns or composite resin bonding often can be used to buildup the upper arch this achieves only limited esthetic  modification . the best way to correct a crossbite is orthodontics. If the crosssbite is particularly sever othognathic surgery may be required in addition to orthodontics. This combined approach can result in dramatic improvement in facial appearance. Best of all the teeth tend to remin in teir new position once the condition is corrected.

Open bite

OccaTIONALLY  the upper and lower front teeth cannot come together when the back teeth are touching. Heredity as well as habits such a s tongue thrusthing , thumb sucking and pencil biting can cause open  ites. Although people with open bites aren’t alays aware of the problem , one telltale symptom is difficulty  biting with the front teeth , in addition openbites cause protrusion of upperlip making it difficult to close their lips over their teeth without starining.


Orthodontics occatipnally combined with orthognathic surgery is the best treatment for openbite. It not only corrects tooth deformity but also moves underlying bone involved enabling lipss to close properly.


Protruded upperfront teeth often called buck teeth can retract from even the best of smiles . in severe cases protrusion results in facial deformity and n inability to close lips over the teeth.


Orthodontics combined with orthogmathic surgery in sever cases is the best way to correct protrusion . in some cases 2 or 4 teeth may be extracted to achive best results. Keep in mind however that over correction is a major concern when teeth are extracted. Ovef correction occurs when teth are moved too far resulting in a sunken in appearance.


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Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | BAD BITES-Don’t let a bad bite ruin your smile
Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | BAD BITES-Don’t let a bad bite ruin your smile
Dr. Gowds Dental Hospital | BAD BITES-Don’t let a bad bite ruin your smile

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