Single Sitting RCT

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Single Sitting RCT

Single Sitting RCT

Historically root canal treatment was performed in multiple visits mainly to ensure sterility of root canal system prior to obturation or root canal filling. Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment, is now made possible at Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals with the use of latest technologies like digital radiographs, apex locator, rotary endodontics, obtura system, and CAD/CAM based dental crowns With our full-time, in-house trained endodontist, root canal treatments are addressed with best results, in a single sitting, in patients where the injury or the infection is not severe. An endodontist will be the best person to advise single sitting root canal option after thoroughly assessing your tooth, dental health and overall health.

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Benefits of Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Single sitting root canal treatments are fast gaining importance especially for people who are busy and on the move. This treatment offers many advantages, such as decreasing the number of appointments, eliminating the risk of inter appointment leakage through temporary restoration, reducing the discomfort and time involved in the treatment.

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