Tooth Colored Fillings

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Tooth Colored Fillings

Different materials have been used to “fill” cavities in teeth. There are two commonly used materials for filling teeth today, silver amalgam and composite resin. While silver fillings have been the standard material of choice for many years, they can look unsightly and do have some potential medical concerns.

These are made from durable high strength plastics called composite resins, similar in colour and texture to natural teeth. These fillings are much less noticeable and much more attractive than other types of fillings. You can smile, talk and eat with confidence, due to the excellent colour match that these fillings provide with your natural teeth.

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Silver Fillings

These are mainly an alloy of silver, tin and mercury. This mercury present in the filling has a high level of toxicity as it releases mercuric vapors from the fillings, thus posing a health hazard to the patient over a period of years.

They are slightly more expensive than silver fillings but are considered to be a more conservative treatment due to the fact that they strengthen the tooth and minimum tooth structure is lost.

Composite fillings may not be suitable for very large cavities as they may wear or chip over time. Your dentist may advise you a crown or a cap or inlays/onlays for such teeth.

If you currently have silver fillings, they can be easily replaced with tooth coloured fillings to match your own teeth. If you have a new cavity, we recommend tooth coloured fillings for the same. In our dental hospitals, we offer only tooth coloured bonded fillings for adult as well as pediatric patients.

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