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Looking for Treatment with Dental Implants in Hyderabad?

Try Metal Free Implants

Dental implants made of titanium or zirconium are the only two elements that seamlessly integrate with the bone mimicking the natural Root Form one is born with. Whether titanium or zirconia, dental implants are best described as anchors that permanently support crowns or dentures, providing the most natural reconstruction after tooth loss.

Though titanium has been traditionally regarded as the best material for dental implants with high success rate, the only drawback that exists lies in the material’s inherent grey color which is not as aesthetically appealing as the natural white tooth, especially when used for the front teeth.

Metal- free dental implants are ceramic based, mostly preferred by health-conscious patients and holistic dentists alike, for both their functional and cosmetic reasons. More and more people are identifying metal allergies with metal implants, which implies that dental implants containing metal may not be ideal.

Ceramic implants

Ceramic Implants provide metal-free restoration, minimizing allergy concerns and biocompatibility issues, consequently reducing damage to the immune system. They are biocompatible, satisfy aesthetic demands and function like the traditional titanium dental implants.

The Zirconia Solution: A healthy alternative to titanium dental implants is metal-free, Zirconia implants. They are white, strong, lighter than titanium, beautiful and blend perfectly with any smile. Most importantly they are 100 percent biocompatible and guaranteed for the lifetime. Being metal free, there is no corrosion, no galvanism effect, no metallic taste, or no electronic disturbances.

Available Options for Dental Implants:

  1. a) Titanium Implants with Titanium abutments
    b) Titanium Implants with Zirconia abutments
    c) CERAROOT – full Zirconium Implants with a zirconia abutment

The dental implant is today’s most preferred and holistic tooth replacement method for single, multiple or all teeth – recommended by dentists and individuals.

Thinking of Dental Implants as an Option?

Scheduling a consultation (Call 8886664790 / 91-040 2332-6777) with Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals, Hyderabad (One of the top 3 dental clinics in Hyderabad) will help to evaluate your case with a comprehensive and committed approach towards dental health care. Your overall health history will be reviewed and you will be asked to undergo a dental/radiographic examination.

During this consultation, meet our well experienced and highly trained Dental Implant specialist, Dr. Vikas Gowd, (with success rate of 98 percent), who will address your specific needs and considerations with utmost care, and walk you through the whole process. Our supportive team will hear your questions and concerns before closely working with you to help make your procedure a success. With over 50 years of experience in general and specialized dentistry, Dr Gowd’s Dental Hospitals in Hyderabad offer quality dental healthcare that is the best in the industry.


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